The Record Style Watch: Back on the grind

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The Record Style Watch: Back on the grind

It’s the first week of school, the weather is perfect and people are dressing to impress. Since the late August weather is a bit cooler and many are itching for fall, some people are staying cozy with jeans or a sweater, while others are making the most of their summer wardrobe while it lasts. Whether you like to go all out and make your life a fashion show or prefer to chill in a more simple outfit, we can all appreciate our classmates’ efforts for back to school. Follow Record Style Watch on Instagram to get campus style updates everyday! Find us @bscrecord

Francesca Bond
Created by Francesca Bond
on Aug 31, 2017

“I was never very fashionable growing up because I was always overweight and there were never a lot of options for me. So when I got older and started finding more stores, I kinda put together what I feel like somebody more petite wear. I do not base my style off my size.” – Milly Cruz, fashion design major

“Wednesday Addams meets a boy in a modern world.” – Collin Kirdahy, arts and letters major

“My style is pretty k-pop. I bought my outfit online from” – Mee Mah, biology major

“My personal style comes from self-expression on a day-to-day basis.” Keith Johnston, business administration major

“[My personal style is] loud, fun and really girly.” – Justuana Jordan, biology major

“My outfit’s from New York City, I like to shop brand name in the mall.” Masuma Uddin, social work major

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